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Exhibition - Ausstellung
City Hall | The Queen's Walk | London
2 in 1 Exhibition: East London Printmakers & Verein fuer aktuelle Kunst
21 May - 2 June 2007

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The show had been be opened by Jennette Arnold, Member of the London Assembly and London Delegate to the Committee of the Regions, European Union
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Loveletter to London
(East London Printmakers)
Show about London as a home/30 artists portray their favourite spot

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Letters from Abroad
(Verein fuer Aktuelle Kunst im Kreis Minden-Luebbecke e.V. - German art collaboration)
17 artist members of the Verein für Aktuelle Kunst created a piece to reflect their personal emotional response to London.

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Meeting 'Waltham Forest Arts Club' & 'Verein fuer Aktuelle Kunst' at the Nags Head
guest: Eamon O'Machail from Waltham Forest Council

There was a meeting with members of the Arts Club, members of the German Arts Club "Verein fuer Aktuelle Kunst" and Eamon O'Machail from Waltham Forest Council at the Nags Head on Sunday, 20 May 2007, 6pm. The subject matter was to meet and greet each other and to find links and mutual opportunities.

At the meeting, it was established that both arts clubs run annual/bi-annual art trails based on very similar principles with a brochure and a map. It could be a possibility to invite each other to exhibit art at each others' trails. If any members of WF Arts Club would like to investigate this further and talk to German artists about it, please contact katjarosenberg@hotmail.com But you could always contact artists of the club directly: post@aktuelle-kunst-ev.de

The Borough is running yearly shows of art created by young people, the plan is to grow this more and more year by year and to show a good mixture of all shows about the different subject matters that have been worked on over the years during the Olympics in 2012.

The theme for the coming year is expected to be "nature", yet to be confirmed. Eamon and Sue are hoping to be able to start exchanges with young artists from elsewhere rolling. The German artists reported that their club has got a number of art teacher members who would be happy to catch the ball. Eamon will inform the German artists of the theme for next year's displays as soon as this is confirmed. Katja to help create exhibition spaces for any projects that the Germans would like to propose. Are there other artists in the club who are connected to artists in their originating country and who would like to act as a contact for their country in the same way? This could lead to a great cross-border network of artists if we want it to. Please let Eamon know if this fits your shoe. Eamon.OMachail@walthamforest.gov.uk Once again, thanks from the Germans to all the welcoming Waltham Forest artists who offered them a bed to sleep in for all your hospitality! They hope to be able to return the favour in the future. Also thanks to all Waltham Forest artists who paid the private view for the show of the German arts club at the City Hall a visit the next evening.


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