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Hartwig Reinboth
The London Eye

2007 (Serie)
Acryl, Lack u. Zeichnung auf Bütten
54 x 79 cm

On September, 7th 2005 there was wonderful weather in London Town. After visiting "Tate modern" I walked along the riverside. People were enjoying the day. It seemed as if the bomb-explosions, which had happened only some weeks before, were already forgotten. But of course it wasn't so. There were more policemen in the streets as usual and occasionally you had to show the contents of your bags. The hidden cameras were doing their silent work.

The panorama of the city with its mixture
of old and new buildings was lying in the
bright sunlight. I reached a place, which
offered the curiosity of a number of bridge-
piers without a bridge. The freshly painted
and nicely decorated columns were
standing without function - like sculptures
- in the water. Above them the sky was
spreading - open for every kind of
imagination. I was a walker without
obligations. It was a beautiful day.

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